Occam’s Protocol

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Like many others I read the 4 Hour Workweek and thought that Tim Ferriss was really onto something.  I liked the 4 Hour Body too, but it wasn’t quite as revolutionary for me.  I did however really like the workout he featured in that book, Occam’s Protocol.  I have followed the exercises only (ignoring diet) and have seen results that I am happy with, with less effort than I would think is required.  So, overall I would have to say that the program delivers.

When you first look at it though, it’s a little confusing when you are supposed to workout, and how to structure your weights, even with the ‘cheat sheets’ that you can find online.  That’s why I put together a little program that will help you out by adding your workouts to your Google calendar.

Before you can do that though, you need to determine your starting weights.  Here is the best resource I have found for understanding this workout and determining those weights: Four Hour Life.

Once you have determined your starting weight and are ready to put your workout events on your Google Calendar, click here.

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